[Special Present] GOT7 – 이.별 (Farewell) Lyrics Hangeul + Romanization + Indonesian Trans.

Hello everyone, this is Ayin Perdana ^^. I’m so glad that my blog still be one of your favorite page. Now I bring you “Special Present” and I decided it to my beloved friends called Nanda and IGOT7 whose really likes GOT7 (For nanda, specially JB ^^) My blog is only for SHINee indeed, but I have “Special Present” page here and it means this page is availablr for every korean song from another boygroup or girlgroup. So, the “Special Present” of this year is Indonesian Translate Lyrics of “이.별(Farewell)” from GOT7. Hope you guys like it and enjoy~! 🙂 Continue reading

Origami Hanbok Tutorial


Hello my beloved readers and Shawols family ^^ I’m back with new post for Special Present category.. 🙂

Well, I just uploaded this picture on my IG account and Path that make me receive many request from my followers to upload the tutorial of making origami hanbok to my blog. So, with my pleasure I decided to upload it special for you guys ^^

Hope you like it and enjoy the tutorial of making origami hanbok. Check out this Video 🙂

Original Tutorial by: Surala’s World