Jonghyun – Suit Up Lyrics [Hangeul + Romanization + Indo Trans]

Title: Suit Up
Lyrics By: 김종현 [SHINEE JONGHYUN]
Indonesian Trans By: 김윤서 [AYIN PERDANA]
Composed By: 김종현/위프리키/ SCORE
Arranged By: SCORE/위프리키

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Writer’s Message..

Dear my readers

Hello, this is Ayin Perdana. Exact at May 24th 2016 SHINee’s lead vocal, composer and song writer Jonghyun officially make his solo comeback with his 1st full Solo Album “좋아 (She is)”. I’m so exciting with his newest solo album and of course his songs are really amazing ^^

And…. Because he make his solo comeback, it means I have to make a comeback as SHINee’s Song Translator, have I? lol xD I’m so thankful that you guys still lean on me for lyric translations into Indonesia and also I really really wanna say thank you so much for loving my blog ^^ I can see your excitement from your emails (I already received many request!! OMG thank you so much >.<)

So, for my comeback I decided to translate 3 from 9 songs of Jonghyun’s 1st Solo Album and the songs are Cocktail, Suit Up, and the title track 좋아 (She is).

The translation still in process and I try my best to finish as soon as I can and publish it right after I’m done, so please kindly wait for the translations ^^ thank you




Ayin Perdana [김윤서]

Taemin – Press Your Number Lyrics [Hangeul + Romanization + Indo Trans]

Title: Press Your Number

Korean Lyrics By: Lee Taemin [이태민]

Romanization By: Ayin Perdana [김윤서]

Indonesian Translate By: Ayin Perdana [김윤서]

Composed & Arranged By: The Stereotypes / Bruno Mars / Philip Lawrence

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Taemin – Soldier Lyrics [Hangeul + Romanization + Indo Trans]

Title: Soldier

Korean Lyrics By: Lee Taemin [이태민]

Romanization By: Ayin Perdana [김윤서]

Indonesian Trans By: Ayin Perdana [김윤서]

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SHINee Taemin – 벌써 (Already) Lyrics [Hangeul + Romanization + Indo Trans]

Hello everyone.. this is Ayin Perdana ^^

This time I bring you a good news that SHINee Taemin’s 1st Full Solo Album ‘PRESS IT’ has been released on music site on February 23rd ^^ Yeeeaaaay!!! and of course I’ve got many request from my  beloved readers to translate his song ^^ Well, there’s 10 songs in total of his album and I will translate 3 of them 😀 and my first choice is Already which is SHINee Jonghyun is the Song writer, composer, and arranger of this song.

So, this is Taemin with (Already) check this out and hope you guys enjoy ^^

Title: 벌써 [Already]

Lyrics by: 김종현 [SHINee Jonghyun]

Indonesian Trans by: 김윤서 [Ayin Perdana]

Composed by: 김종현 [SHINee Jonghyun]

Arranged by: 김종현 [SHINee Jonghyun]

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SHINee – Moon Drop Lyric [Kanji + Romanization + Indonesian Translate]

Hello everyone this is Ayin Perdana ^^ tonight I bring you another surprise~! LOL xD yup! Indonesian translate of Moon Drop~! Track 11 from SHINee’s 4th Japanese Album “DxDxD”. Japanese song, yes it is. And this is the first time for me guys! Since I really don’t understand with Japanese, I got a lot of trouble while translating it T^T so I really really wanna say Thank you so much to master fansite (I didn’t remember the fansite’s name sorry T^T) and my beloved Sangsook eonni for helping me :*

Well, this is SHINee – Moon Drop (Special Request from my beloved Indonesian Shawol Devi Ruspina aka Depoy) check this out and hope you guys enjoy ^^


Moon Drop


Lyricist:Sara Sakurai

English Trans : Master Fansite SHINee

Indonesian Trans : Ayin Perdana [김윤서]

Composer:Chris Meyer,・Shunsuke Harada

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SHINee Jonghyun – Beautiful Lady (OST. Oh My Venus Part.1) [Hangeul + Romanization + Indonesian Translate]

Hello my beloved readers ^^ I’m back here and bring you a surprise~~ hahahaha!!! I’m so thankful I got many notifications from you guys and it show me that you guys really want me to translate Jonghyun’s new single ‘Beautiful Lady’ OST. Oh My Venus Part.1 into Indonesia. 🙂

So.. this is special for you guys my beloved readers, check this out and enjoy the New Single of SHINee’s lead vocal Jonghyun ‘Beautiful Lady’. Continue reading

SHINee Jonghyun Feat. Go Young Bae – 가을이긴 한가 봐 [It Must Be Autumn] Lyric Hangeul + Romanization + Indonesian Trans.

Hello guys.. ^^ I’m so glad finally I’m done to translate Jonghyun’s new song “It Must Be Autumn” into Indonesian yeeaay =D This song is about a couple whose already break up but the boy still loving his girl and can’t move on from her.. a little bit sad right? Well, this is Jonghyun feat. Go Young Bae with It Must Be Autumn check this out and hope you guys enjoy ^^

Title : 가을이긴 한가 봐 [It Must Be Autumn]

Korean Lyrics by : 김종현 [Kim Jonghyun]

Romanization by : 김윤서 [Kim Yoonsu]

Indonesian Trans by : 김윤서 [Kim Yoonsu]

Composed by : 김종현, 고영배 [Kim Jonghyun, Go Young Bae]

Arranged by : 김종현, 고영배 [Kim Jonghyun, Go Young Bae] Continue reading

SHINee Jonghyun – 엘리베이터 [Elevator] Hangeul Lyrics + Romanization + Indonesian Trans

Hello guys.. ^^ I’m back from my hiatus as SHINee’s Song translator~! Yeeaay!!! Hahahaha.. 😀 I’m so glad I have a very very short time T^T to post your request (of course, hahaha) Yep! SHINee Jonghyun – Elevator Indonesian translate!!!! Yuhuuuu.. I’m sorry if I’m being late to post it because I really don’t have much time for this month T^T

Well, SHINee Jonghyun, the first person to start on Mnet’s ‘Monthly Live Connection’ share stories of his childhood that never been disclosed. On the broadcast, Jonghyun told the production crew “With the shooting of this program I visited the town that I lived in when I was younger after a long time and was inspired to write the song”. Jonghyun continued, lost in his old memories “After moving my house I’ve never visited the town that I lived in as a child. It’s been a while but nothing has changed”.

Jonghyun confessed stories of his childhood that have never been shared to the public “I don’t want to think back or reminisce about my childhood memories, I have no good memories as I was in a period of storm and stress while living there”. Jonghyun expressed his special feelings for “Elevator” especially when he was recording the song “I was able to come out of my slump through writing this song so I feel very thankful to it”.

Hhhmm.. so meaningful right? Well, this is Elevator.. check this out and hope you guys enjoy 🙂

Title: 엘리베이터 [Elevator]

Lyrics By: Kim Jonghyun [김종현]

Romanization By: Ayin Perdana [김윤서]

Indonesian Trans By: Ayin Perdana [김윤서]

Composed and Arranged By: Kim Jonghyun [김종현] Continue reading