[trans] SHINee on JILLE 2013 September

Subbing SHINee


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SHINee’s Interview with JILLE

Q: The lyrics have expressions about women such as “long-haired” or “pretty girl,” how would you portray your ideal type?

MH: Surely one-piece dress. I like a sweet and womanly girl.
TM: I like a bit bad girl.
JH: Do you like being harassed by a bad girl?
TM: No, I like a bad girl who listens to me (laugh). A girl who is nice only to me?
ON: I rather like a short-haired girl.
MH: with very short hair?

Q: as short as Key’s?

ON: (in Japanese looking at Key) You are… pretty (anata kirei).
KY: what?! (laugh)
ON: haha I’m attracted to a girl who acts unexpectedly. A girl who can bounce in the unpredictable direction is interesting.
KY: As in the lyrics, I like a girl in short pants with blond hair. A blond is…

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SHINee’s long-awaited Japan Original 2nd Album “Boys Meet You” Will be Release on June 26th 2013!

SHINee - Boys Meet U (Original)

SM Entertainment has confirmed that SHINee’s 2nd Japan Original Album “Boys Meet U” will be release on June 26th 2013.  (Wohooo shawols~!!! Finally, SHINee’s BACK!!! ^^)

In their new album, there will be 5 new songs and 7 songs from their mini album include “Fire” which was already released on February ^^

Well, this is more information about Their 2nd Japan Original Album “Boys Meet You” special for you shawols ^^

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