SHINee – Love Sick Lyric [Hangeul + Romanization + Indonesian Translate]

Wohoooo~!!! SHINee’s Back!!!! So I’m back!!! Hahahaha 😀

My beloved shawols.. our 5 shining, handsome, amazing, sexy boys~~ hahaah~! Finally make their comeback with 4th Full Album titled “Odd”. ^^ Happy for it? Yes of course we are 😀 and since they have their comeback with 11 amazing songs, I directly received maaaaaaaany request to translate their song’s lyric, into Indonesia — of course. Yeeaaay~~!!! Wait for it darl? Of course you are xD and my first choice is LOVE SICK~!!! Yeeaaay 😀

“Love Sick” off their new album is actually a sequel to their debut hit “Replay” that made noonas go wild back in 2008.

When asked to share about their fourth full-length album, Jonghyun said, “The choreography of our new song ‘Love Sick’ is reminiscent of ‘Replay.’ If ‘Replay’ was about confessing your feelings to the noona, then ‘Love Sick’ describes the relationship after going out with the same noona for seven years. The lyrics go ‘My heart still races whenever I look at you, I feel uneasy if you’re not there in front of me, I love you.’ It’s the sequel to ‘Replay.’”

I read the lyric already and wooow.. the lyric is so.. eeeuumm.. sexy? Can I say that? Hahaah~! Okay shawols, here’s the translate special for you ^^ hope you guys enjoy 🙂

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