SHINee – 이별의 길 (Farewell My Love) Lyrics [Hangeul + Romanization + Indonesian Translate]

Hello guys.. this is the last song from the Latest SHINee’s Album “Odd” that I will translate into Indonesia. I choose 이별의 길 (Farewell My Love) to be the last song because I thought this is the most heart breaking one. So from now on.. I will hiatus as SHINee’s songs lyric translator and will comeback as an author fanfic. Hahahaha! 😀  Hope you guys enjoys~ ^^

Title : 이별의 길 (Farewell My Love)

Artist : 샤이니 (SHINee)

Korean Lyrics By : 1월 8일 (Jam Factory)

Romanization By : 김윤서 (Ayin Perdana)

Indonesian Trans By : 김윤서 (Ayin Perdana)

Composed By : Steven Lee / Jimmy Richard / G’ harah “PK’ Degeddingseze

Arranged By : G’ harah “PK” Degeddingseze

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