I’m Sorry (미안해)

I am Sorry Cover by Eunroro13

Title: I’m Sorry (미안해)

Inspired By: SHINee


SHINee’s Song “마자막 선물 (Last Gift – In My Room Prelude)”

Fatin Shidqia’s Song “Aku Memilih Setia”.


Jonghyun SHINee as Jonghyun SHINee

Minho SHINee as Minho SHINee

SHINee Member

Park Da Hye – Original Character (Cover by Sunny SNSD)

Other Cast

Genre: Sweet, Sad, Romantic, Friendship.

Length: One Shoot

Rating: PG-15

Created By: Ayin Perdana


Yeoreobun Annyeong ^^ Well! This my 25th Fanfiction!!!!!! Wohoooooooo~!!! I’m really happy 😀

Finally I can write 25 SHINee’s sweet fanfiction, they’re my inspiration to make some little sweet fanfic, thank u SHINee.. you guys really give many inspiration to always write sweet fanfiction about you, saranghae :’)

And yeoreobun, please give me an oxygen (read: comment) after you read my fanfictions, don’t be a silent reader okay? Thank u so much for your attention and hope you guys enjoy ^^

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