SHINee Akan Merilis Single Jepang “Your Number”


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Onew SHINee Kirimkan Surat Tulisan Tangan untuk Penggemar


Vocalist utama SHINee Onew kemarin mengunggah sebuah photo yang merupakan surat tulisan tangan darinya untuk penggemar melalui akun twitternya.

Di surat tersebut ia mengungkapkan bahwa ia telah di nominasikan untuk ikut berpartisipasi dalam kampanye Ice Bucket Challenge ALS yang baru – baru ini marak di lakukan oleh banyak idol Korea untuk meningkatkan kesadaran dan pengetahuan terhadap ALS. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) adalah salah satu jenis penyakit yang tergolong dalam penyakit saraf motor atau Motor Neutron Disease (MND). Di Amerika Serikat penyakit ini juga dikenal dengan nama Lou Gehrig Disease, karena Lou Gehrig seorang pemain baseball superstar club Yankees New York, wafat karena penyakit ALS.

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SHINee’s Onew Sing OST. of the Show ‘Miss Korea’ – Moonlight

Onew-Moonlight Poster

Yeoreobun annyeong~ ^^

Hi shawols especially for MVP, SHINee Onew participated in the OST of the show ‘Miss Korea’ – Moonlight! ^^

This song has been released via music sites in Korea. So if you guys wanna hear this song you can buy the original one on Melon, Naver Music, and Genie App ^^

And this is the audio special for you guys. Enjoy ^^

Onew – Moonlight [OST. Miss Korea]

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SHINee – Colorful MV + Lyric [Hangeul, Romanization, Indonesian Translate]

Shawoldeul annyeong~~~ ^^ I have a good news for you guys!
SHINee’s 5th Mini Album track ‘Colorful’ MV has made a surprise release~!! Yeeay 😀

This year, SHINee not only won 2013 Melon Music Awards ‘Artist of The Year’ but also was the first Korean Group to be included in Billboard World Album Artist Top 10. So to pay back fans’ love, SHINee prepared a special Christmas present “Colorful – Music Video”!!! So this is SHINee with Colorful special for you guys, check this out! ^^

SHINee – Colorful Lyric

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샤이니 – 너와 나의 거리 (SHINee – Selene 6.23 [The Distance between Us]) Hangeul + Romanization + Indonesian Translate


Yeoreobun annyeong.. 🙂

Now I wanna share SHINee – Selene 6.23 [The Distance between Us]’s lyric include with hangeul and Indonesian translate spesial for shawol 🙂

You know guys, this song which written by Jonghyun is officially makes me cry when I hear and try to translate it. So meaningful, so deep, so sad, and confusion. *Jonghyunie Oppa~, how can u wrote a song lyric like this??? What happen to you..????? T,T

In this lyric, Jonghyun wrote “If I stretch out my hand with all my strange, I still can’t approach you”. And there’s another one guys and this words automatically makes me going crazy T,T he wrote “For you I’m just one out of many. I pass you by, I’m not special for you”. OMG!!!! Oppa~!!! Did you know that you even more than just a perfect for me?! How can you say like this Oppa??? 😥

Okay guys, I don’t wanna wasting time.. This is the lyric, hope you guys enjoy 🙂

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Beautiful Girl with Glasses (안경을 착용 예쁜 여자)


Title: Beautiful Girl with Glasses (안경을 착용 예쁜 여자)

Inspired By: SHINee Jonghyun


SHINee Jonghyun as Kim Jonghyun

Yoo Eun Jeong (Original Character)

SHINee Onew as Lee Jinki (Cameo)

Kim Yoon Seo (Original Character)

Genre: Romantic, Sweet

Length: One Shoot

Rating: PG – 15

Created By: Ayin Perdana


Annyeong~ ^^

This is My 23rd short Fanfiction, finally done!!! Yeeaaaaaay~~~ 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Another romantic part of Jonghyun~ you will find on it. LOL

Happy reading and hope you guys enjoy ^^

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