Onew & Rocoberry (온유 & 로코베리) – Lullaby (수면제) Lyrics [Hangeul + Romanization + Indonesian Trans.]

Title: Lullaby (수면제)
Sung by:Onew & Rocoberry (온유 & 로코베리)
Indonesian Trans by: 김윤서 [Ayin Perdana]
Romanization by: 김윤서 [Ayin Perdana]
Genre : Ballad
Release Date : 2017-05-04
Language : Korean

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Onew & Lee Jin Ah – 밤과 별의 노래(Starry Night) Lyrics [Hangeul + Romanization + Indonesian Trans]

Artist: SHINee Onew (온유), Lee Jin Ah (이진아)
Released: August 12, 2016
Korean Title: 밤과 별의 노래
English Title: Starry Night
Indonesian Trans by: 김윤서 [Ayin Perdana]

Genre: K-pop
Label: S.M. Entertainment
Single: Starry Night (밤과 별의 노래)

Series: SM Station

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Sad Song [Onew Ver.]


Title                 : Sad Song [Onew Ver.]

Inspired By     : SHINee – Quasimodo

Cast                 : SHINee Onew

Cameo             : EXO Kai

Genre              : Sad, Drama

Length             : Ficlet

Writen By       : Ayin Perdana


죽을 만큼 너무 아파도.. 내 맘에 박힌 그대를 꺼낼 수 없다
Even though it hurts to death.. I can’t remove you who stuck in my heart

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SHINee Memperoleh Penghargaan “Asian Outstanding Performance” dan “Best Asian Group” di The 23rd East Billboard Music Awards


Pada tanggal 28 Maret, SHINee dijadwalkan untuk hadir dan tampil di acara tahunan the 23rd East Billboard Music Award yang dilaksanakan di Shanghai China. Continue reading

SHINee – Moon Drop Lyric [Kanji + Romanization + Indonesian Translate]

Hello everyone this is Ayin Perdana ^^ tonight I bring you another surprise~! LOL xD yup! Indonesian translate of Moon Drop~! Track 11 from SHINee’s 4th Japanese Album “DxDxD”. Japanese song, yes it is. And this is the first time for me guys! Since I really don’t understand with Japanese, I got a lot of trouble while translating it T^T so I really really wanna say Thank you so much to master fansite (I didn’t remember the fansite’s name sorry T^T) and my beloved Sangsook eonni for helping me :*

Well, this is SHINee – Moon Drop (Special Request from my beloved Indonesian Shawol Devi Ruspina aka Depoy) check this out and hope you guys enjoy ^^


Moon Drop


Lyricist:Sara Sakurai

English Trans : Master Fansite SHINee

Indonesian Trans : Ayin Perdana [김윤서]

Composer:Chris Meyer,・Shunsuke Harada

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