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Ayin Perdana

Girls’ Generation (소녀시대) – One Last Time Lyrics [Hangeul + Romanization

Title : One Last Time
Lyrics/작사: Mafly, 이희주
Indonesian Trans by: 김윤서 [Ayin Perdana]
Romanization by: 김윤서 [Ayin Perdana]
Composer/작곡: Mike Woods, Kevin White,
Andrew Bazzi, MZMC
Arranger/편곡: Rice n’ Peas

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SHINee Jonghyun Writing Songs for IU’s New Album


Shawol-deul~~ Annyeong~!!!! Good News Good News Good News~~ come from our sexy Vocal Leader, Jonghyun Oppa!!! Yeeaay xD

SHINee’s Jonghyun showing his talent by writing songs for IU’s new album. IU revealed the track listing for their third album ‘Modern Times’, which included songs by SHINee Jonghyun entitled ‘Depression Clock’, according to information from the Fortune Entertainment.

SHINee’s Vocal Leader, Jonghyun will also lend his voice in this song, while other artists like BEG Gain and senior vocalist Yang Heeun will also collaborate on another IU’s song, the album is scheduled to be released on October 7th.


샤이니 – 너와 나의 거리 (SHINee – Selene 6.23 [The Distance between Us]) Hangeul + Romanization + Indonesian Translate


Yeoreobun annyeong.. 🙂

Now I wanna share SHINee – Selene 6.23 [The Distance between Us]’s lyric include with hangeul and Indonesian translate spesial for shawol 🙂

You know guys, this song which written by Jonghyun is officially makes me cry when I hear and try to translate it. So meaningful, so deep, so sad, and confusion. *Jonghyunie Oppa~, how can u wrote a song lyric like this??? What happen to you..????? T,T

In this lyric, Jonghyun wrote “If I stretch out my hand with all my strange, I still can’t approach you”. And there’s another one guys and this words automatically makes me going crazy T,T he wrote “For you I’m just one out of many. I pass you by, I’m not special for you”. OMG!!!! Oppa~!!! Did you know that you even more than just a perfect for me?! How can you say like this Oppa??? 😥

Okay guys, I don’t wanna wasting time.. This is the lyric, hope you guys enjoy 🙂

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샤이니 – 초록비 OST. The Queen’s Classroom (SHINee – Green Rain) Hangeul + Romanization + Indonesian Translate

Yeoreobun annyeong~~~ ^^

Today I wanna share the Lyric + Indonesian Translate of SHINee – Green Rain (OST. The Queen’s Classroom), yyeeaay 😀

Just so you know guys, this song has a beautiful meaning.. I really love it ^^
Okay! So, this is it! Hope you guys enjoy ^^

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SHINee the 3rd Album “Why So Serious – The Missconception of Me”


SHINee the 3rd Album – Chapter 2 “Why So Serious – The Missconception of Me” Album Cover has been released today. The MV teaser also will be release today on SMTown Youtube Channel.

For the 3rd Album – Chapter 2, SHINee use “ZOMBIE” concept. Why So Serious is a funk Rock song with an intense melody of pop and electronic sound.

The Lyrics are about a zombie who’s falling love with a human girl, I can’t wait for the Album..!!!! Waaaaaaa >.<

Well, just wait and watch the MV teaser today guys. Stay tune ^^