Some Sweet Summer Moment in Seoul (서울에서 약간 달콤한 여름의 순간)


Title : Some Sweet Summer Moment in Seoul (서울에서 약간 달콤한 여름의 순간)

Inspired By : SHINee.

Cast :

Jonghyun SHINee as Jonghyun SHINee.

Reika (Original Character).

SHINee Member.

Genre : Sweet.

Length : One Shoot.

Rating : General (G).

Created By : Ayin Perdana.


Yeoreobun annyeong~ ^^
Well, I’m back with my new short FF which is a sequel to the previous story titled “You Guys are Too Hard To Reach (Based on True Story)”. Actually my short FF “You Guys are Too Hard to Reach” have a 2 sequel, the first sequel is “The Beautiful Gift of God” and the second is this one, hahahaha! 😀

Well, hope u guys enjoy and happy reading ^^

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I Will Protect My Yeodongsaeng

I Will Protect My Yeodongsaeng - Poster

Title: I Will Protect My Yeodongsaeng

Inspired By: SHINee


Jonghyun SHINee as Jonghyun SHINee

Kim Yoon Seo (Original Character)

Minho SHINee as Minho SHINee

SHINee Member

Other Cast

Genre: Sweet, Romantic, Family’s Life

Length: One Shoot

Rating: PG – 17

Created By: Ayin Perdana


Yeoreobun annyeong~ ^^

Finally I’m back with my 21th short fanfiction!!! Yeeaay~!!! 😀

Hope you guys enjoy with my new FF, happy reading ^^

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라디 – 어떤 설레임 (Ra.D – Something Flutters) Hangeul + Romanization + Indonesian Translate


Finally! OST Drama Dating Agency Cyrano – 어떤 설레임 by Ra.D has been launched today~!!!! Yeeaaaaaay~!!! 😀

I’m so happy because I really love this song ^^ Hhmm.. Taemin my cuttie little brother.. because of him became a cameo of  drama Dating Agency, eventually I heard this song and automatically love it! ^^

Well, this is the song and lyric special for you guys ^^ enjoy!

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Taemin Dongsaeng brought Me Here


His name is Lee Taemin..

a young boy who was born as Shinning SHINee, indirectly brought me to hear a little part of sweet song.

The title of the song is 어떤 설레임 by Ra.D which not officially release yet..

“Why I say that Taemin SHINee brought me hear this song?”.

Yup, Cuz I know this song when I watched a new drama titled “Dating Agency Cyrano” and SHINee Taemin be a cameo in that drama. ^^

About the drama? Well, the drama is really really really sweet.. I really like it. So guys,  I will share a little part of the song for you on my blog.

Hope you guys enjoy ^^

I Just Love You (내가 사랑했단 걸) Part. 10


Title : I Just Love You (내가 사랑했단 걸) Part. 10

Inspired By : SHINee. SHINee’s Song “One” (하나) & SHINee’s Song “Quasimodo” (화살)

Cast :

Taemin SHINee as Lee Taemin

Onew SHINee as Lee Jinki

Minho SHINee as Choi Minho

Jonghyun SHINee as Kim Jonghyun

Key SHINee as Kim Kiboom

Seo Eun Hee (Original Character)

Lee Hyo Rin (Original Character)

Han Ga Eul (Original Character)

Kim Min Soo (Original Character)

Genre : Romantic

Length : Chaptered

Rating : PG-17

Created By: Ayin Perdana


I Just Love You Part. 9 Review:

“Kira – kira berapa jumlah penonton yang akan menonton konser ini ahjeossi?”.

“Hhmmm, kurang lebih sekitar 10.000 penonton”.

“Whaaa~ banyak sekali”.

“Sasireun, penggemar Jonghyun yang ingin menonton konsernya kali ini melebihi dari 10.000, tapi berhubung kapasitas plenary hall ini hanya bisa memuat 10.000 orang jadi terpaksa penontonnya dibatasi”.

“O, jamkkanman Hyorin’a. Aku ingin mencek perlengkapan konser sebentar, dan juga nanti kau duduk persis di tempat ini ya. Karena dari sini Jonghyun akan mudah untuk menjemputmu naik ke atas panggung”.

“Ye? Naik ke atas panggung?”.

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No Matter What, The Important Thing is “I LOVE YOU”

No Matter What, The Important Thing is I Love You Poster

Title : No Matter What, The Important Thing is “I LOVE YOU”

Inspired By : SHINee


Jonghyun SHINee as Jonghyun SHINee

Han Chae Gyeong (Original Character)

Kim Yoon Seo (Original Character)

SHINee member

Genre : Romantic

Length : One Shoot

Rating : PG – 17

Created By : Ayin Perdana


Huuuuffft~!!! Finally, I can reach my deadline to write a new short fan fiction~ hehehe ^^

Well, I’m so sorry if this fanfic is not too sweet but I do my best to make it. Happy reading and hope you guys enjoy ^^

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