My First Love is Indonesian Girl

My First Love is Indonesian Girl (2)

Title: My First Love is Indonesian Girl

Inspired By: SHINee, Naeui saranghaneun yeppeun dongsaeng Dewi ^^


Taemin SHINee as Taemin SHINee

Dewi Sartika (Original Character)

SHINee Member

Genre: Sweet Romantic

Length: One Shoot

Rating: PG-15

Created By: Ayin Perdana


This story I’ve made dedicated to my lovely beautiful sister Dewi Sartika who love Taemin SHINee so badly. Hope u like it sweet heart ^^

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I Just Love You (내가 사랑했단 걸) Part. 2

I Just Love You Part 2

Title : I Just Love You (내가 사랑했단 걸) Part. 2

Inspired By : SHINee. SHINee’s Song “One” (하나) & Quasimodo (화살)

Cast : Taemin as Lee Taemin. Seo Eun Hee (Original Character). Onew as Lee Jin Ki. Lee Hyo Rin (Original Character). Minho as Choi Minho. Jonghyun as Kim Jonghyun. Key as Kim Kiboom. Han Ga Eul (Original Character). Kim Min Soo (Original Character).

Genre : Romantic, Sad

Length : Chapter

Rating : PG-17

Created By : Ayin Perdana

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I Just Love You [내가 사랑했단 걸] (Part 1)


Title: I Just Love You (Part 1)

Inspired By: SHINee. SHINee’s Song “One” (하나). SHINee’s Song “Quasimodo (화살)


Taemin as Lee Taemin

Seo Eun Hee (Original Character)

Onew as Lee Jinki

Minho as Choi Minho

Jonghyun as Kim Jonghyun

Key as Kim Kiboom

Han Ga Eul (Original Character)

Kim Min Soo (Original Character)

Rachel (Original Character)

Genre: Romantic, Sad

Length: Chaptered

Rating: PG – 17

Created By: Ayin Perdana


This is My First Fan Fiction length “Chapter”. I Hope you guys will be like it, and please leave your comment. Thank You ^^

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You Guys are Too Hard to Reach. (Based on True Story)


Title: You Guys are Too Hard to Reach


SHINee All Member

Reika a.k.a Ika (Original Character)

Aisyah (Original Character)

Dewi (Original Character)

Genre: Sweet, Sad, Romantic, and whatever it says

Rating: (G) – General

Created By: Ayin Perdana


Actually, this is my 3rd fan fiction, but I wanna post this fan fiction first. ahahahaha. enjoy Guys ^^

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