Secret Love


Title                 : Secret Love

Inspired by      : Little Mix – Secret Love Song

Cast                 : SHINee Jonghyun

Genre              : Drama, Sad

Length             : One Shoot

Beta Reader    : Tytae Djamal

Written by       : Ayin Perdana


We both have to hide on the outside where I can’t be yours and you can’t be mine

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Please Remember Me 제발 날 기억해줘 (Chapter 2)

Please Remember Me Poster

Title: Please Remember Me 제발날기억해줘(Chapter 2)

Inspired By: Jonghyun SHINee


Jonghyun SHINee as Kim Jonghyun

Oh Hani (Original Character)

Kim Yoonseo (Original Character)

Other Cast

Genre: Romantic, Marriage Life

Length: Short Story

Rating: PG – 15

Created By: Ayin Perdana


Yeeaaaay~~~!!! Guys~~ Chapter 2 has been released ^^
Happy reading and hope you guys enjoy ^^

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