Sad Song [Key Ver.] (Extended Version – feat. Tytae Djamal) Last Version of Sad Song Story


Title                 : Sad Song

Inspired By     : SHINee – Quasimodo

Ariana Grande feat. Nathan Sykes – Almost Is Never Enough

Cast                 : SHINee Key

Genre              : Sad, Drama

Length             : Vignette

Writen By       : Ayin Perdana feat. Tytae Djamal

Beta Reader    : Tytae Djamal


사랑해 입술 끝에 맴돌던 아픈 고백 모두 끝내 눈물에 흘러
I love you, in the end, this painful confession that lingers at the edge of my lips slides down in tears

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