SHINee Sukses Selesaikan Tur 20 Kota di Jepang


Boy band populer SHINee sukses menyelesaikan tur arena dan hall di Jepang.

Menurut pihak agensi SHINee, SM Entertainment pada 15 Desember, SHINee telah memenuhi World Memorial Hall di Kobe, Jepang, dengan 16.000 penggemar, pada 13 dan 14 Desember lalu. Ini menjadi putaran terakhir tur “SHINee World 2014 ~ I’m Your Boy~”. Continue reading

130813 SHINee Guerrilla Event

Subbing SHINee

[photo cr to bestiz & @shinette0718] SHINee did guerrilla concerts at several places in Japan to promote their new song Boys Meet U on Aug. 13.

Up by miwapi213 | HD version, SHINee performing at a swimming pool 😀

Cr to TMickeymino Up by chemagli | Onew cracking a nut even on Japan TV]

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SHINee – New Single「Boys Meet U」Teaser

Yeoreobun annyeong~ ^^
Now I wanna share to you the MV Teaser SHINee – Boys Meet U, Japan New Single from SHINee which will be release 0n August 21st 2013.

I really like this video >,< (I think the arrangement sounds like One Direction’s song. Hahahaha)

Well, hope you guys enjoy ^^

SHINee’s long-awaited Japan Original 2nd Album “Boys Meet You” Will be Release on June 26th 2013!

SHINee - Boys Meet U (Original)

SM Entertainment has confirmed that SHINee’s 2nd Japan Original Album “Boys Meet U” will be release on June 26th 2013.  (Wohooo shawols~!!! Finally, SHINee’s BACK!!! ^^)

In their new album, there will be 5 new songs and 7 songs from their mini album include “Fire” which was already released on February ^^

Well, this is more information about Their 2nd Japan Original Album “Boys Meet You” special for you shawols ^^

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