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Hello Everyone.. this is Ayin Perdana

I must make clarification about a serious trouble that was just happened yesterday. Well, I have to tell you that my blog has been hacked. Someone use my name to create a new blog named shineeforshawolsblog.wordpress.com and my username twitter as his/her contact info, and use this blog to promote the blog.

I was so shock and fell so disappointed that he/she use my name to create his/her blog about SHINee media download link or something, but the download link that he/she shared is not original from him/her but from the wonderful shinee’s fan blog http://sharingshinee.wordpress.com/ . This early morning, I’ve check my twitter timeline and saw Yamaac’s tweet about her disappointed cause this trouble. I have a new message from someone (I don’t know who), he/she sent me a screenshoot to my line account and the screenshoot is an email from Yamaac, administrator of sharing shinee. In those email Yamaac try her best to warn that person to delete all of posts from that blog.

I don’t think this my fault because I really didn’t know about this, but I don’t want Yamaac to miss understand with me so I decided to help her to fix this trouble. I asked my IT Staffs in my office to help me out, I ask them to report or delete that account right away and find out who make this is happen. And right know my IT Staffs tell me that they have successfully delete that blog and still find out the administrator of that blog.


Oh and of course I’m so thankful my blog has been save too now. (I change the username and password right after this blog save).

Once Again I wanna say sorry about this and I hope it will never happen again in the future.



Ayin Perdana

[Special Present] Taeyeon – Starlight feat. DEAN Lyrics [Hangeul + Romanization + Indonesian Trans.]



Love is amazing ah

You are my starlight 내 맘을 비춰
함께 있으면 온종일 꿈꾸는 기분
You are my starlight 참 행복해져
선물 같아 너란 사랑 Continue reading

Writer’s Message..

Dear my readers

Hello, this is Ayin Perdana. Exact at May 24th 2016 SHINee’s lead vocal, composer and song writer Jonghyun officially make his solo comeback with his 1st full Solo Album “좋아 (She is)”. I’m so exciting with his newest solo album and of course his songs are really amazing ^^

And…. Because he make his solo comeback, it means I have to make a comeback as SHINee’s Song Translator, have I? lol xD I’m so thankful that you guys still lean on me for lyric translations into Indonesia and also I really really wanna say thank you so much for loving my blog ^^ I can see your excitement from your emails (I already received many request!! OMG thank you so much >.<)

So, for my comeback I decided to translate 3 from 9 songs of Jonghyun’s 1st Solo Album and the songs are Cocktail, Suit Up, and the title track 좋아 (She is).

The translation still in process and I try my best to finish as soon as I can and publish it right after I’m done, so please kindly wait for the translations ^^ thank you




Ayin Perdana [김윤서]

SHINee – Moon Drop Lyric [Kanji + Romanization + Indonesian Translate]

Hello everyone this is Ayin Perdana ^^ tonight I bring you another surprise~! LOL xD yup! Indonesian translate of Moon Drop~! Track 11 from SHINee’s 4th Japanese Album “DxDxD”. Japanese song, yes it is. And this is the first time for me guys! Since I really don’t understand with Japanese, I got a lot of trouble while translating it T^T so I really really wanna say Thank you so much to master fansite (I didn’t remember the fansite’s name sorry T^T) and my beloved Sangsook eonni for helping me :*

Well, this is SHINee – Moon Drop (Special Request from my beloved Indonesian Shawol Devi Ruspina aka Depoy) check this out and hope you guys enjoy ^^


Moon Drop


Lyricist:Sara Sakurai

English Trans : Master Fansite SHINee

Indonesian Trans : Ayin Perdana [김윤서]

Composer:Chris Meyer,・Shunsuke Harada

Continue reading

[Special Present] GOT7 – 이.별 (Farewell) Lyrics Hangeul + Romanization + Indonesian Trans.

Hello everyone, this is Ayin Perdana ^^. I’m so glad that my blog still be one of your favorite page. Now I bring you “Special Present” and I decided it to my beloved friends called Nanda and IGOT7 whose really likes GOT7 (For nanda, specially JB ^^) My blog is only for SHINee indeed, but I have “Special Present” page here and it means this page is availablr for every korean song from another boygroup or girlgroup. So, the “Special Present” of this year is Indonesian Translate Lyrics of “이.별(Farewell)” from GOT7. Hope you guys like it and enjoy~! 🙂 Continue reading

SHINee – Romance Lyric [Hangeul + Romanization + Indonesian Translate]

Hello guys~~~!!! ^^ feel surprise? Of course you are hahaha 😀

Actually, I did translate SHINee – Romance into Indonesia before I take my hiatus and I decide to not publish it because it’s just a request from my friend, so I think I make this just for her own. But, I guess you guys want me to translate this lyric someday.. So, this is another special present from me, hope you guys enjoy ^^

Title : Romance

Korean Lyrics By : 김인형 (Jam Factory)

Romanization By : 김윤서 (Ayin Perdana)

Indonesian Trans By : 김윤서 (Ayin Perdana)

Composed & Arranged By : Andreas Oberg/Maria Mercus/Gustav Karistrom Continue reading

Detail Meaning of SHINee – View Lyric

Hello everyone, this is Ayin Perdana.

Today I will give you more detail meaning of the newest SHINee’s song ‘View’, and I hope this post would help you to get the exact meaning of the lyrics clearly.

Last night I have been published the translation lyric of View and just for few minutes I have received many thankfull comments and also got the notification that this blog is going to traffic for 5times. I really do appreciate for your interest and anticipation to waiting for my translation. Thank you so much for my beloved readers 🙂

Okay, let me explain the meaning of ‘View’ lyric more detail. This song meaning of the girl that just feel ‘fun and like’ to a man who who have a job as entertainer like member of boy group, soloist, or something like that. But because they’re always together, the feeling grows more deeply and the girl feels in love with the man.

While the man feel so surfeited with his celebrity life, the girl bring him into the different world called freedom so the man finally can feel his freedom that he has been waiting for so long.

So, the point is that Jonghyun try to tell everybody what’s in Shawols mind. Shawols have said that they really want to see SHINee feel free from their busy schedule even once 🙂 what a wonderful lyrics right? ^^

Well, hope this detail explanation help you to get the right meaning of the lyrics.

Best regard

Ayin Perdana

Hallo, ini Ayin Perdana.

Hari ini saya akan memberikan penjelasan yang lebih detil untuk lirik lagu terbaru SHINee – View, dan saya harap postingan ini dapat membantu kalian untuk mendapatkan makna dari lirik lagu ini lebih jelas.

Tadi malam saya telah mem posting terjemahan lirik dari ‘View’ dan hanya dalam beberapa menit saya telah menerima banyak komentar positif dan ucapan terima kasih dari para reader dan saya juga mendapatkan pemberitahuan bahwa blog ini sempat mengalami traffic kurang lebih selama 5 kali dikarenakan banyaknya viewers. Saya benar – benar sangat menghargai ketertarikan dan antisipasi dari para readers yang telah menunggu terjemahan saya. Terima kasih banyak untuk para readers 🙂

Baiklah, saya akan menjelaskan makna dari lirik ‘View’ secara rinci. Lagu ini menggambarkan seorang gadis yang pada awalnya hanya memiliki rasa ‘suka’ dengan seorang pemuda yang berprofesi sebagai seorang entertainer seperti anggota boy group, soloist, atau sejenisnya. Namun karena mereka selalu bersama, pada akhirnya perasaan itu tumbuh lebih mendalam hingga akhirnya gadis itu jatuh cinta dengan sang pemuda.

Ketika sang pemuda ini berada di titik puncak kejenuhan dari kehidupan selebritinya, gadis itu datang dan membawa pemuda ini ke dunia lain yaitu kebebasan yang sudah sangat ditunggu oleh sang pemuda dalam waktu lama.

Jadi, intinya adalah Jonghyun ingin mengemukakan apa yang sebenarnya ada dalam pikiran para Shawol. Shawol yang menginginkan melihat mereka para member SHINee untuk istirahat dari jadwal padat mereka meski itu hanya sekali 🙂 lirik yang sangat cantik bukan? ^^

Inti dari lagu ini tetaplah Shawol. Jonghyun benar – benar apik dan piyawai dalam menulisnya lewat sebuah lirik lagu. Selamat untuk SHINee dan Shawol atas kesuksesan ini! 🙂

Saya harap penjelasan ini dapat membantu kalian untuk mengerti makna sebenarnya dari lagu ini.

Best regard

Ayin Perdana