Writer’s Message

Hello Everyone.. this is Ayin Perdana

I must make clarification about a serious trouble that was just happened yesterday. Well, I have to tell you that my blog has been hacked. Someone use my name to create a new blog named shineeforshawolsblog.wordpress.com and my username twitter as his/her contact info, and use this blog to promote the blog.

I was so shock and fell so disappointed that he/she use my name to create his/her blog about SHINee media download link or something, but the download link that he/she shared is not original from him/her but from the wonderful shinee’s fan blog http://sharingshinee.wordpress.com/ . This early morning, I’ve check my twitter timeline and saw Yamaac’s tweet about her disappointed cause this trouble. I have a new message from someone (I don’t know who), he/she sent me a screenshoot to my line account and the screenshoot is an email from Yamaac, administrator of sharing shinee. In those email Yamaac try her best to warn that person to delete all of posts from that blog.

I don’t think this my fault because I really didn’t know about this, but I don’t want Yamaac to miss understand with me so I decided to help her to fix this trouble. I asked my IT Staffs in my office to help me out, I ask them to report or delete that account right away and find out who make this is happen. And right know my IT Staffs tell me that they have successfully delete that blog and still find out the administrator of that blog.


Oh and of course I’m so thankful my blog has been save too now. (I change the username and password right after this blog save).

Once Again I wanna say sorry about this and I hope it will never happen again in the future.



Ayin Perdana

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