Jonghyun – Suit Up Lyrics [Hangeul + Romanization + Indo Trans]

Title: Suit Up
Lyrics By: 김종현 [SHINEE JONGHYUN]
Indonesian Trans By: 김윤서 [AYIN PERDANA]
Composed By: 김종현/위프리키/ SCORE
Arranged By: SCORE/위프리키

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Writer’s Message..

Dear my readers

Hello, this is Ayin Perdana. Exact at May 24th 2016 SHINee’s lead vocal, composer and song writer Jonghyun officially make his solo comeback with his 1st full Solo Album “좋아 (She is)”. I’m so exciting with his newest solo album and of course his songs are really amazing ^^

And…. Because he make his solo comeback, it means I have to make a comeback as SHINee’s Song Translator, have I? lol xD I’m so thankful that you guys still lean on me for lyric translations into Indonesia and also I really really wanna say thank you so much for loving my blog ^^ I can see your excitement from your emails (I already received many request!! OMG thank you so much >.<)

So, for my comeback I decided to translate 3 from 9 songs of Jonghyun’s 1st Solo Album and the songs are Cocktail, Suit Up, and the title track 좋아 (She is).

The translation still in process and I try my best to finish as soon as I can and publish it right after I’m done, so please kindly wait for the translations ^^ thank you




Ayin Perdana [김윤서]