Jonghyun Blue Night – 2:34AM

Hello guys.. this is Ayin Perdana ^^

Well, last night our amazing SHINee’s lead vocal Jonghyun release his new pretty song on Blue Night. I absolutely fallin’ love with his new song because the music arrangement is really pretty and the lyrics are also awesome. Well, I will not translate the lyric now.. (I’m so sorry) because I don’t have much time to write it in the middle of Ramadhan month, but I promise to translate the lyrics as soon as I can ^^

So, for the first I’m gonna tell you the story about Jonghyun’s new song that has just release last night on Blue Night with titled “2:34”.

It’s a song that he wrote a long time ago. A long time ago, when this season of Blue Night That Man Who Composes started, he spoke about it, that he already wrote one song, and preparing for it. That song is this song. It’s about friends, so he thought the Blue Night family members would be able to relate to it. And he tried to disclose his friendship with his personal friends. This song is also produced with WeFreaky team, and he also wrote it with this person called Heuktae-ssi, so you can see it as a collaboration as WeFreaky and HeukTae-ssi. They gave him a lot of help, and even though it’s a lacking song, they helped to refine it.

and sounded a lot more drunk. But for Blue Night listeners and females, he changed it to Seoul language & made it more gentle. So this song is about friendship ^^

Well let’s enjoy Jonghyun’s new song “2:34”, check this one out~! ^^

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