Stay Strong for Jessica & SNSD, Sone is ‘The Best’

IMG_20140930_193717Hello.. I’m Ayin Perdana [Kim Yoonsu].

This is my second post about Girls`Generation in this blog. This blog actually dedicated special for SHINee indeed, but after we heard the sad news since yesterday so I decided to post this as my sense of woe.

Yesterday, in early morning I check my blog’s home and I was just shocked about the news that said Girls`Generation’s Jessica is no longer with GG. I do read her weibo account too and I was so sad and feel sorry about it. I don’t know what really happens but I’m pretty sure about her sad feeling.

I’m not Sone actually, but with my pleasure I really feel sorry and sad to hear that. I do really understand what Sone feels, that’s why I think I should write this post for Sone and Girls`Generation to know that not only you guys feel this pain but another fandom feel so sad and hurt too.

Over all, only I can say to Sone is please stay strong for Jessica and Girls`Generation. I understand this is really hard and hurting, but you guys have to show her and them that you guys are strong enough to face it and always be by their side no matter what happens. Jessica is not a member of GG anymore but it doesn’t mean they can’t meet each other and be together. Whatever happens, Jessica will always be a part of GG and no one can destroy it. Like their song ‘Indestructible’. 🙂

Stay Strong Guys.. Sone is “The Best”.


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