[FANCAM] 140815 Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Taemin – SMTOWN IV in Seoul (16 Fancams)

SHINee World Indonesia

talking session:

cr: cherryzzi


Taemin (ft EXO’s Kai) – Pretty Boy

cr: 크림소다

cr: A


Taemin – ACE + Danger

cr: mintlips taem

cr: saya2735

cr: fantasisterTM

cr: realstory718


Minho focus – Something (Girls Day)

cr: Dreaming129


Key (ft. SNSD’s Tiffany) – Bang Bang


cr: HeeKi taemtamin



(Taemin focus)

cr: HeeKi taemtamin

(Minho Focus)

cr: Dreaming129

cr: Lu Ppu

(Jonghyun Focus)

cr: zusehen

cr: HeeKi taemtamin

cr zusehen

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