Jonghyun’s Nipple Incident

Bwahahahahahahahahaha xD I just got this pictures from site.. and My boys Jjongie and Minho are really…. eeemmmm cute but little bit stupid(?) Hahahahahahaha xD

1. tumblr_m74e1e4OHq1qb30uro1_250  2. tumblr_m74e1e4OHq1qb30uro2_250


3. tumblr_m74e1e4OHq1qb30uro3_250  4. tumblr_m74e1e4OHq1qb30uro4_250

5. tumblr_m74e1e4OHq1qb30uro5_250 6. tumblr_m74e1e4OHq1qb30uro6_250


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