SHINee World Concert III 2014 will Begin with Exclusive Concert in Seoul


After fans have a long waited, finally SHINee will return to SHINee world with an exclusive concert in Seoul.

On January 29th, SM Entertainment stated that SHINee will hold a SHINee World Concert III 2014 in Seoul on March 8th and 9th at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium which located in Olympic Park. It will be the third group concert in Seoul. The group previously held concerts in 2011 and 2012.

“SHINee has been recognized for color and musical talent in 2014 by Dream Girl, Why So Serious and Everybody”, said SM Entertainment. “Just as Japan’s second arena tour, with approximately 220,000 people among the crowd proving SHINee’s popularity, we believe that the anticipation for this concert will be strengthened ‘.

In this upcoming concert, SHINee will not only present their hit songs, but also will present another song from their album on stage for the first time.

Sales for the concert tickets will begin on February 6 via Gmarket.

Photo Credit: SM Entertaiment

Source: MWave

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