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Some Sweet Summer Moment in Seoul (서울에서 약간 달콤한 여름의 순간)


Title : Some Sweet Summer Moment in Seoul (서울에서 약간 달콤한 여름의 순간)

Inspired By : SHINee.

Cast :

Jonghyun SHINee as Jonghyun SHINee.

Reika (Original Character).

SHINee Member.

Genre : Sweet.

Length : One Shoot.

Rating : General (G).

Created By : Ayin Perdana.


Yeoreobun annyeong~ ^^
Well, I’m back with my new short FF which is a sequel to the previous story titled “You Guys are Too Hard To Reach (Based on True Story)”. Actually my short FF “You Guys are Too Hard to Reach” have a 2 sequel, the first sequel is “The Beautiful Gift of God” and the second is this one, hahahaha! 😀

Well, hope u guys enjoy and happy reading ^^

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